TC editors weigh in: Tech, trends and controversy in the cryptoverse

TC editors weigh in: Tech, trends and controversy in the cryptoverse

Get your pass today and save $250 There’s never a dull moment in the cryptoverse. Blockchain, DeFi and web3 technologies continue to evolve rapidly in a world of wild extremes. How extreme? Consider these two examples.

The Terra ecosystem disappears in a multi-billion-dollar crash-and-burn while traditional investment firm Andreessen Horowitz closes a $4.5 billion crypto megafund . Then you have crypto’s ongoing regulatory tug-of-war against the backdrop of the Coinbase insider trading suit .

It’s a lot to track and digest, and it’s why we’ve asked part of our editorial team, Lucas Matney , Jacquelyn Melinek and Anita Ramaswamy — who eat, sleep and dream all things crypto — to weigh in and share their insight and perspectives. They’re also the braintrust behind the programming at TC Sessions: Crypto and the hosts of TechCrunch’s Chain Reaction podcast .

Before we dig into the juicy stuff, here’s a reminder to join us — and these ace editors — at TC Sessions: Crypto on November 17 in Miami. Buy a launch pass now and you’ll save $250.

Without further ado, here’s a quick look at what our editors are most excited about heading in to TechCrunch’s first TC Sessions: Crypto event.

What are your top priorities or goals as you put together the programming for the first TechCrunch Sessions: Crypto event?

Anita Ramaswamy: I’m focused on making sure our speaker lineup and the topics we’re putting together are representative of the diversity of views and backgrounds present in the web3 community.

Lucas Matney: I’m spending a lot of my time building out an agenda that ensures we’re doing justice to the unprecedented excitement surrounding this industry while also providing the less glamorous context on inherent risks around pushing more consumers toward products that promote speculative investing.

Jacquelyn Melinek : I’m hoping to create a program that dives into the complexities of the industry while making the content easily accessible to those who are crypto curious, while also having experts in the space highlight and comment on the risks associated with the industry.

Speaking of the event name, will we get to hear about more than just “crypto”?

LM: You bet. While adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to be the high-level focus of the industry, the space has grown much less monolithic over the past two years with founders pushing forward new blockchain technologies for organizing and running communities online and incentivizing the early adoption of new products on the web.

JM : There’s a deeper level to the crypto industry than just “crypto.” Attendees will be able to listen to discussions on a range of topics that benefit or derive from it, but also are creating their own path with the technology. Crypto is the center of the industry, but isn’t the be-all-end all term for discussion.

AR: Absolutely — lots of people use the word “crypto” as a synonym for everything related to blockchain technology, though it mainly captures the financial applications/tokens themselves. Those are important, but we’ll also be talking about how blockchain tech and the ideas shaping it are impacting founders, creators and everyday internet users who may not be as deeply immersed in the web3 space. Cryptocurrency itself is at the heart of most web3 projects, but I’d consider this to be a broader web3 event.

What makes 2022 a particularly fascinating year to hold our first crypto event?

JM : This year has been nothing short of turbulent — I mean that in both good and bad ways — and a lot of people want answers pertaining to that volatility. Even by the time the event takes place, the crypto industry may be vastly different from when we began planning it. There’s a chance we will have to mold our discussions to fit the current landscape, but that’s the sort of “beauty” of this industry. It’s constantly changing and fitting that we host an event during one of the “crypto winters,” because we have to provide content and conferences even when everything isn’t going according to plan. Hosting an event this year shows that we’re here to provide discussions during the good and bad times.

AR: Regardless of the recent talk of “crypto winter,” I believe the last two years have marked a significant inflection point in the arc of crypto’s history. Market conditions may (and probably will) fluctuate, and we’ll dig into that plenty at the event, but the last two years have seen a huge influx of people dipping their toes into crypto for the first […]

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