The Secret to A Wildly Exciting and Successful Life: Create Your Game of Asset Creation NOW

The Secret to A Wildly Exciting and Successful Life: Create Your Game of Asset Creation NOW

Photo by Matthieu Comoy on Unsplash After the pandemic, I went through a mid-life crisis. I became aware of my mortality. I started asking myself the following questions: Am I living the best life that I can live?

Am I actualizing my full potential?

Why do I feel so tired and disappointed? Why do I feel like I have years of bitterness and missed opportunities? Why do I feel like I am trapped in an ivory tower?

Why is there a lack of joy, curiosity, and adventure in my professional life?

Why do I feel like I am stuck in a rut?

What if I had multiple lives that are more colorful, adventurous, and entrepreneurial?

The process of asset creation helped me to save my soul during the lockdowns and the pandemic. I was able to exercise my creativity, develop a fresh set of skills, and share my excitement with the world. I have used the following philosophy and methods in my journey of asset creation: I do not want to fit into one box anymore. I want to embarrass myself, fail lots of times, and stop taking myself too seriously.

I want to establish my asset creation games for the next 10 years. I need to complete at least 10,000 experiments to create my own renaissance .

If I die soon, at least I know that I will be content with what I leave behind.

I am in conversation with my future self who lives in 2032. I write my future self letters using

Start now and start small. Each day is an opportunity for asset creation. Do not fear, take a small action.

Be extremely curious and learn beyond borders/disciplines. You need to astonish and scare yourself every day.

Follow your heart and excitement — this is where your happiness lies. You need freedom in your career and freedom starts with your curiosity.

You need to act as an agent of positive change and transformation for the future waiting for us.

Imagine where you would be in just 3 months if you wrote one page every day, you created one visual, and you spoke one minute on video: You would have 90 pages written on your Medium.

You would have 90 visuals/pictures on your Instagram.

You would have 90 videos uploaded on your YouTube channel.

This would make you a totally different person. I am a living example and proof of this. I have combined my artistic passions, entrepreneurial ambitions, and intellectual pursuits to create fresh ideas and content . I feel more alive since I started creating my own creative assets. Since the pandemic, I have created more than 470 Medium articles, 700 YouTube videos, and 470 doodle pages. How did I do this? I acted as a hero of my asset creation game. You need to do the same.

Think about what kind of creative assets you would like to create in your life. What do you wish to create during the next 10 years? Start creating them right now.The biggest game of your life is creating your own creative assets in your life. There are fascinating things that only you can bring to the world. Fresh, exciting, and original things. What are they? These might be: Establishing your own YouTube channel Writing your own book Broadcasting on Twitch Writing articles on Medium Establishing your digital brand Creating an online brand on Instagram Selling your artwork on Etsy Starting your Kickstarter project Growing your audience at Patreon Catching up with viral dances at TikTok Creating your own ebook on GumRoad Creating your own digital products or services Creating your own online course on Thinkific or Skillshare and teaching online Creating an audiobook Establishing your own lifestyle brand and blog(like Goop created by Gwyneth Paltrow) Creating a podcast In this article, I will share my mindset and resources with you so that you can kickstart your own journey of asset creation. The contents of this article have helped me to create more than $2000 in a year and I expect to double this amount each year.As the hero of your asset creation game, you need to navigate uncharted territories and find your own adventures. Joseph Campbell calls this “ The Hero’s Journey ” in his famous classic The Hero with a Thousand Faces . Image Credit: Heroesjourney.svg The hero responds to a call of adventure, departs the familiar world behind, ventures into adventure, experiences failures, goes through tests and trials, proves their own character, and […]

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