The side hustle that’s set to earn Brits over £15,000 in 2022

The side hustle that’s set to earn Brits over £15,000 in 2022

Image source: Getty Images These days, people are increasingly coming up with new and interesting ways of making extra cash on the side . The internet has become a major breeding ground and innovation centre for side hustles. And right now, there is a particular side hustle that is growing in popularity and is expected to earn Brits more than £15,000 in 2022.

So what is this new side hustle? And how can you get involved? Let’s take a look. What’s the side hustle that could earn you 15k in 2022?

Pets provide a wide range of benefits to their owners, including companionship, affection and even protection.

But in the current age of the internet and social media, did you know that pets can also be the foundation of a lucrative side hustle that brings in thousands of pounds every year?

New research by web hosting company Go Daddy reveals that British pet owners are increasingly using their pets to create a successful side hustle by turning them into online stars or influencers.

The stats show there are currently more than four million pets in the UK earning cash for their owners via online brand partnerships and merchandise sales.

Almost 1.9 million Brits use the cash from pets to supplement their main income. And for 832,000 pet owners, their pet’s earnings are their primary source of income.

According to Go Daddy, this particular venture could explode in 2022. The research reveals that 32% of pet owners are looking to turn their pets (mainly dogs and cats) into online stars in 2022, which could translate to an additional 5.3 million online pet stars by the end of 2022. What’s the earning potential for this side hustle?

With 39% of the British public saying they are more likely to buy products from brands that associate themselves with cute animals, there are opportunities galore for people who own pets.

According to GoDaddy, pet influencers are set to earn an average of £15,224 in 2022.

The research shows that dogs have a slightly higher earning potential than cats, with the former expected to bring in £15,627 for their owners versus £12,895 for the latter. So, how can you get into this lucrative side hustle?

Naturally, you’ll need a pet that you’re prepared to commit to for a significant number of years. If you already tick that box, follow these steps to potentially start making money from your pet. 1. Find a niche

Finding a niche is one of the most crucial steps. Remember that there are already millions of cute pet pictures and videos available online. Finding and concentrating on a niche is the most effective way to cut through the clutter and gain a competitive advantage.

If you’ve had your pet for a while, you probably already have a lot of pictures or videos of them on your phone. Sifting through these pictures and videos can help you identify something interesting or unique about your pet, which can then inform your niche.

For example, if your pet is a spirited troublemaker at home, that could be your brand. 2. Choose your platform(s)

Here, you have lots of options.

If you want to focus on pictures and possibly short videos, Instagram might be the best option. If you only want to make short videos, Instagram or Tik Tok could be ideal. For longer videos, you might go with YouTube.

Choose one or two platforms that best work for you and the type of content you want to share and focus on them. 3. Post content regularly

Once you get started, make sure that you are posting regularly and consistently.Use hashtags, memes, viral challenges and so on to beat the algorithm and potentially increase your exposure and viewership. Ensure that you also use quality photos and/or videos. 4. Make money! Needless to say, you might not start making money right away. However, as time passes and your following grows, brands may begin to notice you and contact you for collaborations or partnerships. Alternatively, once you’ve accumulated a decent following, you can start selling pet-inspired merchandise to your followers. Products from our partners* With this top-rated cashback card cardholders can earn up to 1% on all purchases with no annual fee. Plus, there’s a sweet 5% welcome cashback bonus (worth up to £100) available during the first three months! † Those are just a few reasons why our experts rate this card as a top pick for those who spend regularly and clear their balance each month. Learn more here and check your eligibility before you apply […]

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