The Top 10 Side Hustles for Gen Z in 2023

The Top 10 Side Hustles for Gen Z in 2023

Does it feel like almost everyone you know has a side hustle right now ? Whether you’re in the in-between stages of life — like the one after you graduate and before you learn how to fully “adult” — or are just bored and looking to pick up a hobby, a side hustle might be the way to go for you.

Not all side hustles are made the same though, and some side hustles are better suited to different interests and different stages in life — especially Gen Z . If you are a Gen-Zer like me — i.e., fresh out of college and looking for direction on where to go — there are actually plenty of unique, fun and fulfilling side hustles that play to our generation’s strengths and skills like creativity, digital literacy and communication.

Read on for our top picks for side hustles in Canada that Gen Z will thrive in right now. Start a podcast Start a podcast

What is more Gen-Z than podcasting?

You can podcast about practically anything in the world ( research shows that listening to podcasts can also help satisfy our need for social connection, too, but that’s just a perk). From mental health to music to comedy to re-watching shows , if there’s a will, there’s a way.

Pick up a microphone and click record now and think about the rest later. Forbes offers five tips to get you started with a podcasting side hustle (and making money while doing it). Go for graphic design Go for graphic design

If you like to draw, or paint or dabble in the arts in any way, graphic design might be the side hustle for you.

From working on an iPad and freelancing your art or taking it to the next level and making a career out of it, there is no better time than now to start.

Brush up on your art skills and take a chance — graphic design is an art that you can pick up and learn on social media , which makes it a great choice for Gen Z side hustlers to try. Put your photography skills to use Put your photography skills to use

Owning a camera and knowing how to use one are two very different things, but, if you do own one, you’re already halfway there. Whether you take a class or teach yourself through tutorials and trial and error, photography as a side hustle can be a great place to start — plus who knows, you may fall in love with it and want to take it further.

Aside from finding freelance photography gigs (for example, photographing a special event or taking headshots), there are multiple ways to make your photography into a money-making side hustle — such as selling prints of your best work. Rev up a classic side hustle like driving or delivery services Rev up a classic side hustle like driving or delivery services

If you are someone who enjoys being in your car, what better way to make money than spending your time on the roads? From Uber to SkipTheDishes, there is a world of driving and delivery services that await your ambition.

While driving and food delivery are hard work — and your financial success often depends a lot on how much people are willing to tip — there are plenty of perks to this type of side hustle. There’s lots of flexibility (you can do it when you want) and freedom to listen to what you want to while you do it (most of the time).

When it comes to this type of side hustle, it’s a good idea to start slow and work your way up. Make the most of TikTok Make the most of TikTok

Ah, the obvious option that you’ve probably tried already, but got too shy or embarrassed to actually commit to sticking with: TikTok.

Don’t run yet — while the app actually provides more options than just thirst traps and dancing videos ( Wealth Awesome details some of the ways that Canadians can make money on TikTok here). Getting creative with your TikTok and turning it into a viable side hustle is possible — and often fits any lifestyle. Try freelance writing Try freelance writing

From writing articles to crafting ad copy or social media copy for other companies, strong writers have plenty of opportunity to make money from writing as a side hustle ( Entrepreneur offers some tips for getting started here).

What is most appealing […]

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