The women of crypto take over Davos WEF

The women of crypto take over Davos WEF

Talking with outstanding women at Davos, who are shaping the crypto industry — Gender inclusivity as it is: From investors to mentors to entrepreneurs and technologists.

Many of you closely follow the gathering of the decision-makers at Davos during the annual World Economic Forum . Many of you have very strong opinions about these gatherings, which I share. Right now, however, I would like to discuss what inspired me the most during those five days of the summit. This was my first Davos event, and I could not help noticing how many women decision-makers were present, in stark contrast to similar crypto events happening in Dubai and Lisbon, for example.

Yes, the Promenade at Davos was taken over by crypto companies, exceeding the traditional finance and tech presence, but it was the presence of so many women in senior positions representing every segment of the crypto industry that increased my firm belief that the future of the crypto industry is bright. As operations lead of UpLift DAO, a launchpad for innovative crypto community projects, I interact with our community intensely to keep them engaged, and reach out to as many different sectors as possible.

Having a diverse community brings greater support to new projects, and ensuring that women are well represented is foremost of importance. It’s exciting now to see women having integral roles in major projects and taking the lead in this space to inspire the community. Many surveys and reports bemoan the low participation rates of women in crypto — estimates say as much as 85% of the crypto community is male — however, a 2019 study by Grayscale challenges that trend and found that 43% of investors interested in Bitcoin are women. This number has surely grown as cryptocurrencies offer easy and open access to investing, unlike traditionally traded assets and commodities.

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An April 2022 report saw women’s participation increase over 170% in the last fiscal year, while men’s usage was just under 80% higher. Moreover, women on average made larger initial deposits, and although they traded less frequently, their portfolios showed more structured strategies and focused positions.

The evolution and leveling of the financial playing field has come about as information and resources have become more easily accessible to everyone, another result of widespread community-building efforts and transparency built into project designs. While in Davos, I met up with several extraordinary women — from investors to mentors to entrepreneurs and technologists — making waves in the crypto community. These women are impacting the crypto scene right now, dynamic and inspirational pioneers who are paving the way for other women to come to the forefront. I took this opportunity to ask these outstanding women a few questions and am delighted to share their answers with you. Marieke Frament, the CEO of the NEAR Foundation

a non-profit foundation headquartered in Switzerland that oversees the development of the NEAR protocol. NEAR Protocol is a shared, proof-of-stake, layer-1 blockchain that is simple to use and scalable. NEAR is also a certified carbon-neutral blockchain.

What makes you excited about the crypto industry?

“The most exciting thing for me right now about the crypto industry is the infinite possibilities of using blockchain, specifically the NEAR protocol! The opportunities it presents to transform the way we live and organize our lives are truly incredible. DAOs are super exciting and could allow people and society to work and come together in a more inclusive, fair and democratic way.”

Why were you at WEF in Davos and how do you think women can impact innovation in the global economy these days?

“Crypto was a prominent theme at Davos this year and it was important for NEAR to be there to back the important initiatives that WEF is championing but also to show the world that we are creating a positive impact in the world with the creation of a protocol that is sustainable, accessible and inclusive for everyone. Blockchain’s reputation is that it’s bad for the environment, and we need world leaders to realize and understand that it’s not the case. In this new world of Web3, diversity is even more paramount, and as the rules are being redefined, we need more women and diversity of thought to build an inclusive future around these new tools. Yet right now in the world of crypto, around 85% of the Bitcoin community is male. Men dominate the investor space and women account for only a third of […]

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