Top 7 Altcoins Set to EXPLODE Post Ethereum Merge

Top 7 Altcoins Set to EXPLODE Post Ethereum Merge

It hasn’t passed a long time since the recent ETH merge that everybody is buzzing about in the crypto world. In 2022, the market witnessed an influx of retail investors to join the market and enjoy returns of double, triple digits, and even more on their investments.

Experts say things will soon take a huge turn post-ETH, and all of the biggest crypto exchanges have invested in this. The ETH merge is meant to revolutionize the blockchain, and the crypto ecosystem could also benefit tremendously.

Therefore, based on the extreme changes that the ETH merge brought, we have specified seven cryptos that could explode soon due to this upgrade to the blockchain. List of the Altcoins Set to Explode Post Ethereum Merge

Below, there is a list of the altcoins ready to explode their growth and price increase after the recent Ethereum merge that took place.

> Cardano (ADA)

Decentraland (MANA)

Ripple (XRP)

Solana (SOL)

Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge is a meme coin with its own Tamaverse, allowing users to create, breed, and battle their Tamadoge pets. It is deflationary crypto, where users battle to climb up the leaderboard by gaining points. So, players with the most points at the end of each month can claim their winnings from the monthly Dogepool.

Tamadoge uses the latest NFT and other token standards, and it is a token that can inject life into your Tamadoge pets. Undoubtedly, this project is very serious, knowing that it’s backed by a team of knowledgeable crypto experts, developers, and designers who know this crypto field inside and out.

Generally, most crypto projects impose transaction taxes on their users, involving the project taking a percentage of the tokens, which are transferred, bought, or sold. Many of these projects do this to make long-term funding for their project, especially when the tokens lack real utility.

In comparison to other tokens, Tamadoge is a different story because it doesn’t use any transaction tax. They believe value should be forged from the project itself and not only from those trading the token.

This meme coin with utility is simply crushing social media platforms, and it has already reached almost 50k followers on Twitter. Moreover, it just raised $19 million in its presale phase!

Tamadoge was established and created by high-profile meme coin owners with no vesting period and zero tax on all TAMA transactions. So, whenever you make a purchase in the Tamadoge store, you always pay with the Tamadoge token (TAMA). Battle Infinity (IBAT)

Battle Infinity is way more than just a simple and standard token. Moreover, it is an ecosystem that focuses on fantasy sports, allowing its players to form teams and battle with other players to reach a higher league rank.

This platform uses IBAT as a native token hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. In addition, all in-game assets are valued through IBAT, and players can use it for transactions, staking, and other activities.

Battle Infinity was listed on LBank Exchange on August 26, 2022, as an idea to expand its global reach further and acquire its vision.

The principal goal of Battle Infinity is to revolutionize fantasy sports by contesting against extremely popular companies in India, such as Dream11.In addition, India has been adopting blockchain technology faster than other countries, creating some brilliant applications with the technology we’ve been introduced to. Besides Battle Infinity, there are plenty of other successful Indian crypto coins, including Polygon, known as the Matic network, WazirX, CoinDCX, etc.The Coinsniper platform reported that Battle Infinity is KYC verified and has received over 193,900 votes. This discards the possibility of the BI team taking the investors’ money and disappearing overnight. Also, it’s been claimed that Battle Infinity’s smart contract was audited for vulnerabilities by Solid Proof, which gives another layer of security to the players.Battle Infinity consists of six different products: IBAT Premier League IBAT Battle Swap IBAT Battle Market IBAT Battle Games IBAT Battle Arena and IBAT Battle Stake. The presale for IBAT tokens ended recently, 66 days before the initial target date, because $5 million in BNB tokens were sold faster than expected.Battle Infinity is as officially listed on PancakeSwap, which also provoked a huge price increase. At the moment of writing, IBAT is priced at $0.003093, with a 24-hour trading volume of $84,871.71. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) Many crypto investors have already heard of this project, as it became the fastest cryptocurrency that reached a $1 billion market cap this year.Lucky Block is an NFT competition platform that proposes daily competitions – decentralized, fair, and transparent. Lucky Block’s native […]

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