What is the Girls That Invest Podcast?

What is the Girls That Invest Podcast?

You may have seen Girls That Invest flying up the podcast ratings charts, reaching number one in New Zealand, but who are they, and should you give them a listen? Who they are and what’s their story?

Girls That Invest is a podcast hosted by Sim Kaur & Sonya Gupthan, two millennial women of colour, based in New Zealand. Friends for over 20 years, both women were inspired by their childhood in Auckland, and experiencing the disparity of wealth, especially in their migrant community. In starting this project, their goal is to make investing ‘less intimidating’ and do this through their podcast, active social media community and online masterclasses. They want to make financial freedom and wealth building accessible to everyone. Since launching the podcast in 2020, they have built a community of over 100,000 people who aim to inspire and empower female investors and tackle the wealth gap that women face across the world.

From the basics of what is the stock market and how to get started, to addressing current trends like rises and falls of NFTs , the metaverse and cryptocurrency , these women have interesting, engaging and worthwhile discussions about a range of topics relevant to all people in the finance world. They look at concepts through a female lens, while discussing the real world implications. Beyond just the current trends and what is happening in global markets they also discuss wellbeing, money mindsets, and the mental impacts of the #hustle and pressures to do it all.

They have several episodes that introduce topics from the very basics, as part of their 101 series. These are incredibly helpful for novice investors just starting to tip their toe in the water. Covering topics such as cryptocurrency, starting a side hustle , forex trading and more, these are a great resource if you want to learn more about diversifying your investment strategy.

Alongside this advice, they also do deep dives into current top performers, case studies of everyday people and businesses and share wisdom from financial juggernauts like Warren Buffet and Robert Kiyosaki in approachable, casual and easy to understand terminology. They aim to break down jargon and make this ever-evolving financial landscape more accessible for women (and men) all over the world.

Their style is casual and conversational in manner, without too much waffle or irrelevant tangents. They also have some wonderful guests on their show including women from a range of industries that are all advocates for gender equality and female empowerment in the financial space.

Overall their content is all about financial literacy, which is incredibly important for everyone. They use real world examples, references people understand and avoid jargon and acronyms where possible. With their online masterclasses, Sim and Sonya are also educators on financial literacy and advocates for empowering everyone to take control of their wealth. Should I listen to the Girls That Invest podcast?

This podcast is primarily targeted towards younger women who are just starting out on their financial journey and wanting to learn more about investment, managing money and more. However, the hosts are incredibly knowledgeable and their content would also help those who may have been out of the game for a while or wanting to learn more about a new type of investment strategy or ‘trendy’ product.

As previously mentioned however, the overall goal of not just the podcast, but the entire Girls That Invest community is to make investment accessible for all people, so anyone feels daunted, overwhelmed or intimidated by finance, thinking that it’s just ‘not for them’ will find a world of support, understanding and target resources in the podcast, their classes and their Facebook community. What you should know about the Girls That Invest podcast?

The main thing to be aware of is that they are based in New Zealand, and while most of what they discuss is relevant and transferable to international audiences, they do use NZ specific examples. Furthermore, the hosts are very knowledgeable, however only one has a finance qualification, so their advice/discussions are general and should be taken as such, not as individual financial advice.

For the young investor: Absolutely yes

For the investor trying to learn more about new products and diversify their portfolio: Yes

Those who want to improve their financial literacy: Yes

For those wanting to hear interesting stories, advice and case studies from people in the international finance community: Yes

For women wanting to learn more about the world of investment and how they can effectively participate: Absolutely yes

For the seasoned finance professional/investment aficionado: Not so […]

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