10 Best Crypto Giveaways 2022

10 Best Crypto Giveaways 2022

Some of the top crypto projects in the market offer giveaways in the form of NFTs and digital currencies.

How investors can claim these prizes will depend on the project itself and can include everything from staking or referring a friend, to promoting a crypto token on social media.

To help clear the mist, this guide will detail the 10 best crypto giveaways for 2022 . We also explain the easiest way to claim free crypto giveaways and offer some insight into how they work. A Glance at the 10 Best Crypto Giveaways of 2022

To get started right now, investors can glance over the 10 best giveaways below to see the different types of promotions available:

> Lucky Block – Globally Accessible NFT Competitions Platform

Morpher – Trading Platform Offering 100 MPH Plus Referral Tokens

DeFi Chain – Decentralized Finance Platform With $30 Crypto Giveaway For New Sign Ups

Basic Attention Token – Recieve 70% of Ad Income and Claim 40 Free Crypto Tokens

Hashbon Rocket – Cross-Chain Decentralized Exchange With 10,000 HASH Token Giveaway

BlockFi – Best Crypto Giveaway of BTC Tokens

LandDAO – Crypto Giveaway With Metaverse Land Up For Grabs

Dohrnii DAO – DHN Token Launch with Chance to Win $100,000 In Bitcoin

Lottoland – Online Lottery With Free Crypto Giveaways in Bitcoin

As is clear, there is something for every crypto investor. Some give away their own token, whereas others offer fractional amounts of larger tokens like Bitcoin.

Read More: Check out our guide for the best crypto under $1 . More of a long-term HODLer? If so, read our guide on the best long-term crypto investments here. Full Analysis of the 10 Best Crypto Giveaways 2022

Below is our complete analysis of the 10 best crypto giveaways for 2022. This should help our readers make a decisive choice.

That said, there is always the possibility to partake in more than one crypto giveaway at a time. 1: Battle Infinity – Overall Best Crypto Giveaway for 2022

Battle Infinity is offering the overall best free crypto giveaway. Importantly, the native cryptocurrency of this platform is IBAT. The Battle Infinity crypto giveaway will see $3,000 worth of IBAT tokens distributed to 100 lucky participants in its Telegram competition. Each individual giveaway ranges from $10 to $500.

Here’s a little bit about the project itself; Battle Infinity is a complete ecosystem that is made up of six different products. This includes Battle Swap, which makes it possible for all users to acquire IBAT tokens on a direct basis and exchange their free crypto giveaways for other currencies.As such, this is comparable to a bank, only for digital assets instead of tangible cash. IBAT Battle Market is a place where artists can mint, sell and buy their digital artworks. The Battle Market also enables players to upgrade land, avatars, and even the game itself. Other elements of this project’s ecosystem include Battle Games.This features numerous play-to-earn games connected to the metaverse. The IBAT Premier League is a fantasy sports game built on the blockchain, which is connected to an immersive digital world. Sports include cricket, which is based on the Indian Premier League (IPL), as well as football and basketball.This project is gearing up to be the next Splinterlands or Axie Infinity, so keen blockchain gamers will be lining up to grab IBAT on presale. First, investors must link their cryptocurrency wallets in order to access their account and play the game – and we explain how to do this later.IBAT is a BEP-20 crypto token that is built on the Binance Smart Chain. The fixed BNB/USD exchange rate used by IBAT is $250. 1 BNB token, therefore, buys 166,666 IBAT at the time of writing. The minimum presale investment is 0.01 BNB.Read More: Join the Battle Infinity Telegram to learn more about the project’s crypto giveaway. The project’s whitepaper can be found on the Battle Infinity website . Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 2: Lucky Block – Best Globally Accessible NFT Competition Platform Lucky Block is a great alternative for investors looking for the best crypto giveaways. This is a multifaceted NFT competition platform. There are many ways for players to receive rewards. One such way is to buy Lucky Block NFTs.Upon doing so, investors are added to the Platinum Rollers Club and earn rewards in LBLOCK. The platform runs an NFT draw every Friday, and those in the Platimum Rollers Club are automatically entered into the competition.In addition to offering one of […]

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