8 of the best new crypto presales to invest in 2022

8 of the best new crypto presales to invest in 2022

Crypto presales have quickly become one of the best ways for new projects to boost awareness and generate capital.

And, while the project developers have lots to gain, there’s something for investors as well – a chance to capture high-quality projects at an extremely low price.

This means that early investors can purchase cryptos that are ‘profit time bombs’.

In this article, we’ll check out some of the best new crypto presale for July 2022 and analyse all options separately. 8 of the Best New Crypto Presales for July 2022 – Quick Outline

Before we get into the details, let’s briefly go over our top eight picks for the best new presales for July 2022 and see what they’re all about. Battle Infinity – Overall the Best New Crypto Presale for July 2022

Lucky Block – Successful Crypto that Upgraded its Token

DeFi Coin – New DeFi Crypto with Massive Potential

BabyApeCoin – One of the Best Meme Coin Crypto Presales

Crimecoin – Crypto Presale with an Interesting Story

Sleep Care – Sleep-to-Earn Crypto Presale Project

EstateX – Real Estate Industry-Related New Crypto Presale

WagerGang – Crypto Presale Token that Focuses on Sports Betting

8 of the Best New Crypto Presales for July 2022 – Detailed Review

Now that you’re familiar with which projects stand out as the best new crypto presales, we can move on to the analysis of each one. Battle Infinity – Overall the Best New Crypto Presale for July 2022

HeraldScotland: We’ve crowned (as the best crypto presale for 2022) Battle Infinity – an NFT and metaverse-based crypto gaming platform with an abundance of exciting features.

Offering a completely decentralised experience, this project aims to revolutionise the traditional way of gaming.

Battle Infinity is an Indian-developed project and it’s next in line of this country’s successful cryptos, just take a look at the success of Polygon Matic in the past few months.

In general, India is becoming one of the toughest world competitors when it comes to software engineering prowess. There is a growing percentage of tech-savvy and highly aspirational young talents that seem to be taking over the market with their brilliant ideas.

Additionally, Battle Infinity seems to be the only real crypto competitor of India’s fantasy sports titans like Dream 11 (100 million users) and Mobile Premier League (85 million users).But this platform isn’t focused only on Indian brands. Their Indian home market is just the starting base for the crypto’s global growth aspirations.The Battle Arena functions as the platform’s metaverse and within it, players can interact with one another and explore the countless P2E opportunities.One of the things that has already attracted a hefty amount of players is the fact that Battle Infinity is considered the next Axie Infinity, Sandbox, and Decentraland. It combines the best of all worlds.IBAT is the ecosystem’s native currency and it operates as a utility token based on the Binance Smart Chain network.In essence, it’s the currency that gives value to all the in-game assets and characters. Players also use IBAT to make transactions, stake coins, and for trading.Another thing that makes Battle Infinity one of the best new crypto presales is that there’s no “rug pull” danger. It’s fully KYC’d by CoinSniper and smart contract audited by Solid Proof .Here are the six main products you can find in Battle Infinity: IBAT Premier League – A fantasy sports game and the platform’s primary feature. Players can choose a sport and then form a team with real-life athletes. Based on their most recent performances, players get points and compete with others for a chance to win prizes. This is the first decentralised fantasy sports game that’s also NFT-based. Battle Swap – Used for directly purchasing IBAT tokens and transforming rewards into other currencies. Works as a decentralised exchange. Battle Market – An NFT marketplace where all the trades are conducted. It’s where players go when they want to trade, buy, or sell NFT assets or upgrade their avatars and land. Battle Store – Contains the platform’s numerous P2E games. Battle Stake – Used for depositing tokens and earning an annual percentage yield (APY). Functions as the in-game staking platform. Battle Arena – The metaverse in which the player’s unique avatars reside. Aside from these products, Battle Infinity also has some additional features that make it stand out: Tradability – All in-game NFT assets can be traded. Tokenised reward mechanism – An innovative reward distribution system. […]

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