Most Promising Cryptocurrencies in 2022

Most Promising Cryptocurrencies in 2022

How to assess which are the most promising cryptocurrency assets to invest in presents a number of challenges for investors, especially when attempting to approach the matter from the standpoint of a risk-reward ratio (R:R).

Put simply, how much risk are you willing to take for a given amount of reward? Altcoins other Bitcoin and Ethereum are risky assets, but also have high potential upside. What are the Most Promising Cryptocurrencies?

Battle Infinity – On Presale Until Oct 2022



Near Protocol


Binance Coin


1. Battle Infinity – New Crypto Presale

In terms of upside potential, the most promising cryptocurrencies are often those at ICO, pre-ICO, on presale or a private sale. That initial early investment often results in a high ROI compared to buying an asset already mid bull-cycle. This strategy typically outperforms ‘buying the dip’ during a market correction also.

Battle Infinity is currently on presale – allowing early investors to buy its native token IBAT, which will be the play to earn utility token in its upcoming metaverse game. IBAT is a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain with a 10 billion fixed supply.

Currently only 14 days into its presale at the time of writing, Battle Infinity has raised over $1 million already (over 3900 BNB) and is on pace to sell out much earlier than its October 10th deadline. Investors can take part with a MetaMask or Trust Wallet and the minimum purchase is just 0.1 BNB – with a maximum of 500 BNB.

The early level of investor interest shown so far could see this be the next cryptocurrency to explode and a promising altcoin to watch in Q4 2022. Read more about the project and find the whitepaper on . 2. Lucky Block – #1 NFT Competitions Platform

Lucky Block (LBLOCK) started trading on public markets in early 2022 and quickly pumped to a market cap in the hundreds of millions, reaching an all time high of $0.0097 when it was listed on LBank, after previous having launched on PancakeSwap.

Lucky Block is building a global decentralized competitions platform that will be fairer and more transparent than the offerings from traditional incumbents, and can be taken part in by owning one of their NFTs or buying LBLOCK tokens.

Crypto has seen various types of gaming products over the years – betting decentralized apps (dApps) predated the DeFi explosion as among the first to take off. But as far as jackpot products goes Lucky Block is the first of a kind in a number of ways.

For one thing, the jackpot is divided in a unique way, so that 70% goes to winners, 10% is distributed to all token holders, 10% to charity and 10% back to Lucky Block for marketing and development.

Then there’s the Lucky Block transaction fee. Every time the token is sold on a decentralised exchange, a fee of 12% is incurred, of which 4% goes to the lottery pool, 4% to the liquidity pool, 3% to a NFT and gaming royalty fund and 1% burn.LBLOCK is currently priced at around $0.001, having corrected after the 2022 bear market – presenting an opportunity to invest at a low price point, with more CEX listings planned now that Lucky Block have completed their V2 token upgrade . Rewards for all token holders provides revenue stream To receive rewards, token holders must hold LBLOCK in a DEX wallet such as Trust Wallet or Metamask. Trust Wallet is probably the better pick because Lucky Block is built on the Binance Smart Chain and Trust Wallet is a Binance product, hence the better integration with swaps on the chain.The Lucky Block app is where the $5 tickets for the daily prize draws can be be bought, which began in May 2022 with two winners of $1 million each.Lucky Block is an excellent example of a Web 3.0 product that has significant disruptive potential. Although it doesn’t have a Sharpe ratio because it only started trading two weeks ago, we think the risk-reward potential at these prices is strong. The world wide online jackpot betting market is valued at around $330 billion, according to QY Research Group . 3. Solana (SOL) – Layer 1 Blockchain seen as an “Ethereum killer” Solana is a decentralised Layer 1 blockchain that is highly scalable with transaction per second of up to 50,000. However, it is still experiencing teething problems that have led to a number of outages. Nevertheless its technology is gathering plentiful support.The Pyth trading network supported by […]

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