5 Best Jobs for 12-Year-Olds That Pay Well

5 Best Jobs for 12-Year-Olds That Pay Well

AndreyPopov / iStock.com How can a 12-year-old make money? With young children, it’s often not just a case of what jobs they can legally do, but also what jobs they can do well and are not too young for . Often the best jobs for older children are the traditional ones that come to mind — babysitting and doing chores for your friends and neighbors, such as mowing lawns, shoveling snow and walking dogs. Keep reading for more information on jobs for 12-year-olds that could be a good fit for your child and how much they pay.

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So what jobs would be a good fit for your child? Here are a few examples, and how much they pay on average. 1. Babysitting

If your 12-year-old is mature enough, they can help take care of younger children for your family, friends and neighbors. Every parent knows that sometimes they need someone to watch their young children while they run errands or take a break, and since a 12-year-old is less experienced than a professional nanny or babysitter, they may also be cheaper. An average wage for a babysitter is around $10-25 per hour, though that can vary wildly based on what people are willing to pay. 2. Dog Walking

Kids and dogs are often best friends, and there’s nothing wrong with turning that mutual love into something that brings in a paycheck. Working can be hard when you’re younger — doing something fun can make the process easier. According to Payscale, the average pay for a dog walker is around $15 per hour, though it can range anywhere between $10 and $30. 3. Yard Chores

Gardening and related chores can be more physically demanding, but they’re also a good way for your child to make money and spend more time outdoors. Children can mow lawns, rake leaves, shovel snow and water plants. How much your 12-year-old can make an hour will depend on the type of work and how good of a job they can do. For example, most children will be paid somewhere around $5-15 an hour for mowing lawns.

The good thing about doing yard chores is that there’s potential for growth. As your child builds relationships with clients, they may be asked to take on other tasks around the yard or house. For example, if neighbors need a fence painted, or the garage cleaned, they may let your child know. Plenty of odd jobs always need to be done around the house, so there’s potential to build responsibility and a bank account simultaneously. 4. Delivering Newspapers

Depending on your neighborhood, a paper route may help your kid make some money while getting exercise. Children can deliver newspapers on bicycles, covering houses in their neighborhoods. Many newspapers will pay a flat rate of 10 to 15 cents per newspaper, so the amount your child makes will depend on how many houses they deliver to and how fast they can do it. 5. Cleaning Houses

If your 12-year-old is good at household chores like cleaning or laundry, they may be able to do them for your friends, neighbors or family who are busy and need help. The upside is that if your child has already been helping with chores around the house, they may have enough experience to do a good job. According to ZipRecruiter, on average, your child could make about $17 an hour for cleaning. Other Ways for Your Kids To Make Money

Aside from chores and odd jobs, children can also develop their entrepreneurial spirit by making different things that they can sell in the area or online. The classic lemonade stand always comes to mind, but plenty of other options exist.

The Department of Labor website mentions that holiday wreaths and other home decorations could be a good idea. Making things like jewelry, clothing and paintings or drawings can bring out your child’s artistic nature while helping them earn spending money. Baking cakes and cookies for a local bake sale is another option. What Work Is Legal for 12-Year-Olds?

The Federal Government has outlined certain age restrictions for work in its Fair Labor Standards Act. Restrictions are placed on non-agricultural and agricultural work separately because farms have traditionally been places where the whole family works in the U.S.

These restrictions are outlined as follows: Nonhazardous […]

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