Best Low Cap Crypto Gems to Buy in 2022

Best Low Cap Crypto Gems to Buy in 2022

A large portion of the crypto market consists of low-capped cryptocurrencies. These assets are desirable to investors because of their lower market cap and huge profit potential. However, determining the best low-capped cryptos to buy is difficult due to the prevalence of fraudulent projects.

This guide explores some of the best low cap cryptos and how traders can invest in them. Best Low Cap Crypto Gems to Buy in 2022

So what are the best low cap crypto gems available in the market? Below, we highlight the top 10 coins investors can buy at a discount now: Battle Infinity – Overall Best Low Cap Crypto to Buy

Lucky Block – New Low Cap Crypto for Gaming

Theta Fuel – Gas Token for the Theta Blockchain

Stacks – Bitcoin-based Smart Contracts Network

Holo – Streamlined DLT Platform

Moonbeam – Polkadot Based DeFi Platform

Siacoin – Decentralised Storage Solution

Ravencoin – Specialised P2P Network

Harmony – Scalable DeFi Network

Qtum – Bitcoin’s UTXO Transaction Model Network

A Closer Look at the Top Low Market Cap Coins

Despite the broader market downturn, opportunities to profit still exist. Smart investors are purchasing the best low market cap crypto to buy during this bear market.

With crypto prices declining, investors can buy the best low cap crypto gems at a bargain price. This section reviews top cryptocurrencies with the highest potential due to their room for growth. Battle Infinity – Overall Best Low Cap Crypto to Buy

The new entrant, Battle Infinity , is kicking off our best low cap cryptos to buy list. Based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, Battle Infinity is a fantasy sports gaming platform.

The protocol comprises play-to-earn (P2E) gaming components, non-fungible token (NFT) and metaverse concepts. Here, players can own in-game assets, which they can exchange for more valuable assets or fiat.

Also thrown into the mix is the metaverse concept, which allows players to interact with one another, watch, perform, and explore the IBAT Battle Arena, which serves as the metaverse ecosystem for Battle Infinity.

The protocol has since been dubbed the next Polygon because its development team is based in India. The Indian population has embraced blockchain technology fully. Indian youths are one of the most technologically curious. Polygon’s developers are of Indian descent, and the amount of technical proficiency due to a high level of science-related subjects makes India a coding superpower.Not resting on this laurel, Battle Infinity has one of the most versatile gaming ecosystems in the crypto space. Instead of only featuring battle games, the protocol allows users to bid for real-life sports personalities with virtual budgets. They can then build a virtual team across football, cricket, wrestling, and several others.Battle Infinity consists of five pillars: the Premier League, Battle Swap, Battle Market, Battle Store, and the IBAT Battle Arena. The Premier League serves as the flagship feature for the project.Battle Swap allows users to exchange one token for another while the Battle Market and Store deal in value exchange.Set to launch in the coming months, Battle Infinity has been Solid Proof. The Coinsniper platform has also KYC verified the project.Early bird investors stand a chance to buy the low market cap crypto for $0.0015 on the presale website. Investors need to connect their Metamask or Trust wallet and swap a minimum of 0.1 BNB for the IBAT token to start. Pegged at a low price, the IBAT token is the best low market cap crypto in the blockchain industry. [/su_note] Lucky Block – New Low Cap Crypto for Gaming Another entry on our list of best low cap cryptos to buy is the BSC-based gaming platform, Lucky Block .Launched in the early days of this year, Lucky Block is a new low cap crypto protocol that has taken the gaming industry by storm.The singular mission of the Lucky Block team has been to enable a transparent, fair, and inclusive gaming landscape for players. To this end, the team relies on Chainlink’s Verifiable Randomness (VRF) service, ensuring all winning tickets are not tampered with and are randomly generated. Also, its reliance on blockchain technology means users can rest assured that all transactions are transparent and anyone can participate in the game.Investors have been keen to buy Lucky Block due to its multiple income-generating potential. All winning tickets are billed 30%, with 10% distributed to its token holders. Then another 6% is shared with LBLOCK users from token sales. The platform has hit mainstream adoption as it recently announced an upcoming listing on the MEXC Global exchange. […]

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