LAZY Marketing Brings In Unique Techniques In The Digital Marketing World

Digital Marketing – The Novel Generation
The revolution from LAZY Marketing “Lazy” is a word every business owner never wishes to hear. But LAZY Marketing makes it different. “The laziest method brings the highest effect” is the all-time strategy they use. Be an outstanding company in the marketing industry. The shiny star of a digital marketing company lights up the whole of East Asia. The results have been approved by loads of professional rating agencies. Edmond Ling, the founder of LAZY Marketing states that, although the company is still in the early stage, staff are desperately doing the best for the company. Renovate local digital marketing with the tailor-made “LAZY Selling Structure”.

In the generation of “Self-media”, the popularity grows like a skyrocket. It commonly appears in every social media. Only LAZY Marketing acts differently by using “The laziest method brings the highest effect” goal, and the unique “LAZY Selling Structure”, acts a different role among the marketing industry. Why is this the purpose? Edmond said, “The definition of “Lazy” is providing the easiest as well as the most effective outcome, and brings the best income and result. Make good use of everything we have, and this is the Effectiveness.” This digital marketing company was founded in 2020. Erase all the old-school strategies that other marketing companies are still using. Focus on creating the most effective structure for clients. Let clients make the best use of the resources. There is no limitation on where to do the business, they can access the “LAZY Selling Structure” to develop the online system by just following a few steps of “copy & paste”. It is ready to absorb the most accurate customer traffic and earn double or dozens of revenue.

The tailor-made “LAZY Selling Structure” by Edmond. Giving everything he had experienced in the past. Combined with the new digital marketing methods in Europe and America. Edmond is 29 years old this year. Since his childhood, he wanted to be an entrepreneur. When he was 23 years old, he even ditched the high-paid job. Quit his insurance job to be an entrepreneur and swear to build his own brand. Since 2016, he has invested over 2M HKD in his business learning, having mentorship with Tony Robbins, Joe Girard, and Robert Toru Kiyosaki overseas. Learning every valuable sales tip from them. He is deeply passionate and has a Master degree in Business Management and a Bachelor degree in Law. Also, he makes good use of the internet to hold his online business. While he was further studying overseas, he had already overcome the limitations of area and time. Complete the deal anywhere, anytime. As he is experienced in online business, Edmond is collaborating with 4 online businesses in different cities and fields, also a business consultant in 2 listed companies. By his creativity and unique selling strategy. Edmond has received several awards from the well-known media such as the Outstanding Enterprise Award from Capital, Yellow Pages Award from Now TV. In 2021, he was elected as a “Global Chinese Outstanding Novice Award”, The first Hong Kong businessman to receive this honor under the age of 30.

When Edmond returned to Hong Kong, he realized that most of the digital marketing company’s methods in East Asia were not actually effective. Investing a lot of money on promotion, never predict how much they will earn in each dollar. Edmond mentioned “Those companies are out of the track with the trend of online business, not knowing enough about the purpose and habit of online purchasing that commonly happens to customers, so that they fail to use an effective way to draw their ideal clients to make a deal with them. That is the highest pain point currently, as well as my top offer in my business. I am good at letting the ideal clients come to me with no doubt.”

In early 2020, the early outbreak of the pandemic, Edmond saw through the chance to skyrocket makeover and grow the whole digital marketing industry in East Asia. From the first covid-19 case in Hong Kong, he switched the focus to start up LAZY Marketing in just 2 weeks, and launched it in Asia. At the end of 2020, it was rated as the fastest-growing digital marketing consultancy in Asia by several international professional rating agencies. LAZY Marketing received the “ Most Innovative Marketing Agency (2022)” award by Business Innovative and also the “Fastest Growing Marketing Agency in Asia” by Analysis Asia in 2 years continually. From the 28th rating in […]

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