6 Lucrative Side Hustles To Make More Money During Fall 2022

6 Lucrative Side Hustles To Make More Money During Fall 2022

There’s never a bad time to earn some extra cash, but there are plenty of side hustles that ramp up during the fall. And with soaring energy costs driving inflation, you might be looking to earn some extra cash. That’s especially true as we turn the heat on once again.

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However, not all side hustles are the same. Some side hustles, such as filling out surveys, can have very low hourly earnings — if you are even eligible to take them.

Low-paying side hustles are a dime a dozen, but lucrative side hustles can be a little tougher to come by. Still, with a little creativity and persistence, you can bring in hundreds, if not thousands, by doing some of these side hustles. Tutoring

Tutoring is an important job, but there isn’t much demand for it in the summer. However, with the new school year in session, students from preschool all the way through college may cause a huge demand for tutoring. Students can use the help of a tutor with everything from homework to test prep.

It’s also possible to do tutoring entirely online, and people are more open to the idea ever since COVID-19 uprooted our lives. If you want to tutor online, there are several tutoring websites, such as VIPKID and Skooli. According to Preply.com, the typical hourly rate for Skooli is $49 for tutoring subjects like math, humanities, and science. Retail Jobs

There are a lot of stores that will need people to fill seasonal positions as we enter the colder months and approach the holiday season. Of course, you may not think about retail as a lucrative industry, but some retail jobs can pay well. For example, some managers’ salaries can be close to or even exceed six figures.

And some stores, such as Costco, Target, and CVS, have $15 minimum wages. If you want a retail job that pays well, you’ll have to be savvy and look for companies that raised their minimum wage . Since retail doesn’t always pay well, any store that hasn’t an opening probably won’t cut it. Yard Work

Cleaning up the yard is another task that is necessary year-round, but people think about it even more as the leaves begin to fall. However, not everyone is physically capable of working in the yard for a couple of hours, which is why this could be a great side hustle.

How much this side hustle pays may vary depending on where you live. However, the good news is that you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment. Perhaps a rake, gloves, and some trash bags to collect leaves. Otherwise, there isn’t much to it. People just want their yards to look nice and may not have the time or ability to do that on their own. Work at an Apple Orchard

Apple picking is a classic American pastime, and the fall months are primetime for finding a delicious Macintosh or Red Delicious. That’s because apples tend to ripen in September — although some aren’t usually ready for picking until later in the year.

Either way, apple orchards often look for extra work during the fall since they do the bulk of their business during that brief time. The same can be said for other fall-centric activities, such as visiting a pumpkin patch or a haunted house. Depending on where you live, apple orchard jobs can pay in the range of $15 to $21 per hour. Moving Help

Lots of people move in the fall — be it students who are off to college or people who are rushing to move before the winter months set in. The overhead for doing this as a side hustle can be higher than most of the other jobs mentioned here. However, the costs still aren’t enormous, especially if you already have a suitable vehicle.

You have probably heard of the “two guys and a truck” moving companies. Thus, if you have a vehicle that can double as a moving van or truck, you may not need much to get up and running. The average in-state move costs nearly $1,000; if you can get that done in a few hours or less, it’s easy to see how this side hustle can be lucrative. Work at a National Park

If you love nature and happen to live near a national park, this could be a great side hustle to consider. National […]

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