CG DAPP : a revolutionary upcoming gaming and NFT app

I have been reading about blockchain since last few years and have been quite impressed by its use cases. Blockchain’s use cases nevertheless extend beyond the finance industry. The more people are becoming familiar with this technology, they are embracing it and leveraging its benefits.

Question in mind ,will it be implementable on large scale. And it has proved it can be and how ! a whole new internet has developed around it.Decentralisation is the key word ,no one controls the latest version of internet that is Web 3.

I kept updating myself by reading about the block chain industry and the technology for quite sometime without bothering to make any direct interaction in the ecosystem. One opportunity came around 2016, if my memory serves me right someone was asking for my advice ,whether buying a bitcoin for USD 1000 is good choice .As was expected of me, i gave what sounded like a very practical advice to him.If you can lose that money without regret go for it, upper limit is infinite but it can go to zero also.I don’t know he bought it or not but i did not buy.

During the Covid pandemic induced closures i got involved into the ecosystem, i bought some ETH from then on i have been a regular participant in the markets ,not big money but big time yes.

one of the projects that caught my eye was CGDAPP, which came up with a token GGTK in public sale .The project team was small but the vision looked quite good.I bought some in the sale and have not sold since.

The project is going on nicely with several milestones crossed and its slated for the December launch of the APP GGDAPP.

Here below i am detailing some developments which has taken place since the beginning.

The problem

The possibilities offered by blockchain gaming come bearing significant hope in solving the problems that have accompanied the currently prevalent free-to-play model.

The solution

Blockchain-enabled developments can transfer the ownership of digital assets to the players. Smart contracts, which are lines of code stored on a blockchain that can automatically execute when their predetermined conditions are met, allow assets to be automatically transferred between players. The immutable nature of blockchain data means that with smart contracts, developers can’t alter or change the ownership of the gaming assets.


GGApp is a decentralized gaming platform allowing users to get rewarded for their skills
The 3 main actors involved in the success of a gaming project are the developers, the players and finally, the liquidity providers.

Developers, Players and Liquidity Providers will have ways to own and stake our token to receive part of the success (sales revenues, transaction fees etc).
Liquidity Providers (LP’s) will be rewarded with GGTK when they contribute to the liquidity pools.
Developers will be rewarded with GGTK (tokens) when they add features.
Gamers will play and buy items to earn GGTK.
Games and gaming platforms will be able to trade a percentage of their sales and transaction fees revenues for GGTK through the Rewards Smart Contract.
GGDapp users will be able to stake GGTK and earn a percentage of the sales/ transaction fees through the Staking Smart Contract.

The Games

The first integrations to GGTK will be two:

the gaming platform SimracerCoin

Win races and earn crypto

Race to win simracer coins, cryptotokens

buy setups, paints and services

use your simracer coins to buy simracing assets, like car set up files, paint ,coaching services

team manager games where you can own your car, manage a budget realistically managing your racing team.

Simthunder is the core part of the the simracer coin project that aims to make racing more dynamic and fun by providing incentivised NFTs as well as racing management games that distribute prizes according to racing results.The team is creating a decentralised market place for ownership of racing items and memorabilia. Simthunder is powered by descartes,and will be one of the first integrations of GG Dapp.

the blockchain game Pirates 2048.

Pirates 2048 is a browser based, multiplayer, futuristic pirate ship battle game with elements of action and strategy.
Players will be able to pick up from the sea different kind of NFTs: parts to upgrade their pirate ships, story items (art and messages from the survivors), pirate characters and tournament tickets.
Pirates 2048 players will be able to earn the new token, GGTK, with every purchase they make and also by staking their Ether Stone tokens.
Pirates 2048 is still in beta but already deployed in Polygon main net. The goal of the game is to survive in the sea arena and earn enough points to enter the Grand Tournament at the end of the year. You will be also able to earn crypto and NFT.

Latest Tokenomics
Right after listing on Uniswap, the majority of GG Tokens had been locked up in time lock contracts ranging from 3 to 60 months. Since then, the first two time lock contracts, totalling 7 million GG Tokens, reached maturity. From these unlocked tokens ,1 638 000 GGTK were sent to the 4 year NULS POCM program on July 6th. An additional 2 million were locked up again in the 24 month time lock contract and the rest remains in the control of the project team to be primarily used for providing liquidity 
The current circulating supply of ~5 million GGTK includes the 1.6 million sent to the 4 year NULS pocm program but these will only be fully available after 4 years.


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