Introducing The ETFinTwit 50: Part 2

Introducing The ETFinTwit 50: Part 2

The decision to support financial Twitter was an easy one. Some of the top minds, experts, and influencers gather on #FinTwit. Plus, we love how Twitter helps with markets, teambuilding, networking and giving back — all things we want to support at ETF Trends.

To kick off #ETFintwit, or our support of the FinTwit community, we created a list of the top 50 accounts on financial Twitter. We looked for influential members of the FinTwit community, and while we only looked at accounts with at least 1,000 followers, we looked at so much more than follower count. We sought people who use FinTwit in a meaningful way, whether that’s to help them do their job or to give back.

Look at the first 25 names we released , and you’ll notice that we didn’t just look for ETF experts. Rather, we tapped advisors, personal finance gurus, analysts, journalists, asset managers and more. Think of it like an index fund of FinTwit.

Before we get to the final 25 names, we want to remind you that #ETFintwit doesn’t stop here. We’ll be finding new and exciting ways to support the community, including sponsored real-life meetups. The first one will take place at Exchange: An ETF Experience , where you’re invited to join many members of this list to help take our Twitter community to the next level.

And now, the second half of our inaugural #ETFintwit #Top50 …

Nicole Casperson
Founder, WTFintech?

One to watch in 2022 and beyond, 27-year-old Nicole Casperson thought journalists should cover #FinTech differently. So she created a brand to do it, leveraging Twitter to raise awareness and add subscribers.

Career background : I went from years as a corporate finance reporter and editor covering mortgages, auto finance, wealth management, and fintech to the founder, host, and creator of my own fintech content brand WTFintech? with a podcast, newsletter, and Twitter threads.

#FinTwit story : On Twitter, I am a full-out fintech news source with an unconventional voice and perspective that is uplifted by the amazing members of the FinTwit community. Together, we’re working to build a world where everyone has access to financial freedom by elevating the stories of women, BIPOC, and diverse leaders in the space.

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag : Hashtag: #FREEBRITNEY — and we got her free. ETF: WOMN (YWCA Women’s Empowerment ETF)

Ben Carlson
Author, Podcast Host & Head of Institutional Asset Management at Ritholtz Wealth Management

If you got dizzy reading all of his titles, you’re not alone. Ben Carlson does it all. His book, “A Wealth of Common Sense,” has 4.5 stars on Amazon, and his podcast, “Animal Spirits,” which he co-hosts with Michael Batnick, has 4.8 stars on iTunes. All that, and you can catch his insights on #FinTwit for free. (He’ll also be at Exchange: An ETF Experience .)

Career background: I’ve been managing money for almost 20 years in various capacities. I also have a blog, podcast and share a YouTube channel with my colleagues.

#FinTwit story: I love Twitter because I can use it as a news source, follow the markets, learn from intelligent people, make online friends and waste time if needed.

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: $VTI

Dom Chu
Senior Markets Correspondent, CNBC Plenty of finance reporters tweet out headlines and breaking news stories, but it’s rare to find a TV personality that regularly engages with followers, whether it’s to joke around or answer questions. Career background: Wall Street guy, turned biz news guy… #FinTwit story: LOVE meeting some of the anonymous stars of FinTwit in person…always great to put faces and names to handles…def some others I’d love to get to know…don’t worry…your identities are safe with me! Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: #ToTheMoon– Samuel Deane @samuelsdeane Founder, Deane Wealth Management Samuel Deane is an Investopedia Top 100 advisor and author (of his own newsletter and as a contributing author for Morningstar). With a focus on millennials, tech, equity, and generational wealth, his tweets are a must. Career background: I founded Deane Wealth Management when I was 26 years old. Since then, I’ve built a wealth management firm that addresses the needs, constraints, concerns, and opportunities that are inherent to the niche group of millennials in the tech industry. #FinTwit story: I’ve built some of the best relationships with people I’ve met on Twitter! Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: ETH Benn Eifert @bennpeifert Founder, QVR Advisors In a world full of delta, Benn […]

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