Upcoming NFT Games To Earn Cryptocurrency In 2022 [Launching Soon]

Upcoming NFT Games To Earn Cryptocurrency In 2022 [Launching Soon]

Every mobile game developer wants to create an excellent game with a monetization mechanism to maximize their advertising revenue. Currently, most crypto games require players to use real money to purchase virtual reality goods, after which they can unlock advanced content. Using cryptocurrencies instead of money would make the process a lot easier for NFT gamers and the developers if applied. And now, slowly, many developers are catching up to it and can tag their digital collectibles.

But, what does this mean? Game developers realize that an in-game economy based on blockchain networks rather than on real currency can give them their rights in value and existence rather than just an in-game currency. As a result, NFT gamers can purchase, use, sell, and trade the currencies they have amassed outside of the crypto gaming industry.

With NFT games growing in awareness and popularity, we thought now is the right time to list the best NFT games and where to find them. We reviewed different genres of NFT games so anyone might find a game they will enjoy. We are looking at these play-to-earn games from a gameplay perspective and financial advice. These are the games we suggest you buy into. The best way to stay updated with the upcoming NFT games & cryptocurrencies, join the Crypto Gaming Bulls telegram channel ! Top 5 Best NFT & Crypto Games to Invest & Explore in 2022:

Battle of Guardians – Play-To-Earn NFT Fighting Game on Solana Blockchain

RaceFI – Newly Launched Metaverse Platform, Earn Crypto Prizes

Rainmaker – Stock Fantasy Gaming Platform based on Cryptocurrency

Polygonum – Cross-Platform DeFi Game With Crypto & NFT Marketplace

Here are the detailed reviews of the top NFT games: #1. Battle of Guardians – Play-To-Earn NFT Fighting Game On Solana Blockchain

This is the newest NFT play-to-earn game, built by a group of four game enthusiasts who wanted to figure out how to play different levels of Metaverse games. This is a PvP real-time multiplayer NFT game built on the Solana network, developed by Unreal Engine. As the name suggests, it is a fighting game in which players engage in multi-realm conflicts in the virtual world. BOG is a fighting game in which players compete against each other to defeat their opponents and earn rewards.

You will need to have some form of in-game currency to complete transactions in this blockchain game. Battle of Guardians Share ($BGS) and Fighting Points ($FP) are the two currencies used in the game. The second is beneficial for governance and acquiring NFT characters, among other things. Furthermore, you can stake them. The latter is a secondary currency that can be used to enter tournaments and buy NFTs.

It is a sci-fi game with long-term growth potential that is being created using the Metaverse’s fighting game principles. It features excellent graphics that make for an interesting and pleasurable gaming experience. It also has unique NFTs and many options to produce real-world revenue for the sake of the game and its participants. #2. RaceFi – Newly Launched Metaverse Platform, Earn Crypto Prizes

RaceFi is a comprehensive NFT automobile racing ecosystem in which players may race or own portions of the game and earn. All aspects of the game that can be owned are in the form of verifiably owned NFTs. RaceFi is the Solana ecosystem’s first AI/ML vehicle racing game. Players can play to earn blockchain games and money in RaceFi’s metaverse by playing various ranked game modes or by owning in-game property.

The possibilities are unlimited, whether it is a pure race or a battle race, PvP or PvE, or racers or gamblers. In the PvE mode, players can control and drive the automobile to face difficulties along the route in a limited amount of time to win $RCOIN and experience points. The race will run in the background in PvP mode to maintain fairness and reduce the negative effects of real-life environments on the game.

Every quarter, players with a high ranking on the leaderboard will be awarded. Players must upgrade their cars with battle add-ons to be eligible for battle mode, and the matches will consist of eight racers max. There will not be any time limit or finish line; instead, participants will continue to attack and compete until only one triumph car remains.

To be qualified for battle mode, players must improve their automobiles with battle add-ons. A maximum of eight racers will compete in each match, and there will be no time restriction or finish line; instead, the players will […]

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